Goodwill Lamp Shade: Improved!

So, I was browsing Pinterest and I came across a great idea. This woman had been asked to improve a simple white lamp shade. She did so using, get this, a sweater! You can find the details here.

I went to visit family in Amarillo recently. While visiting, I made a trip to their local Goodwill. There I found a brilliant clear lamp. I still love it just as much as the day I bought it! (More so because it was only $9.00…ahem.) Anyway, it didn’t come with a lampshade. I looked around for weeks and never found one that completed my lamp. Then I found the wonderful lampshade sweater tutorial. I didn’t have any sweaters, so I used a shirt. It worked!



First Post!

Hey there!

I am writing from almost Mexico, west Texas! I do not know what will come of this blog, but I do not want to put any limitations or expectations on it whatsoever. I am certainly late to the blog scene, but I am here now and ready to rock! Along the way, I will be posting tidbits here and there. Mostly, those tidbits will pertain to food, DIY, useful tips, and other randomness. Let’s dive into the blog world together!